The National President, Iyalode Alaba Lawson, MFR, FIoD, JP inaugurated NACCIMA YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS on the 28th of June, 2017 at the NACCIMA Secretariat in Lagos. This is in fulfillment of the commitment she made during her investiture in May, 2017 to establish a NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurs (NYE) with Sixteenth (16) National Executive Council Members drawn from the 3 regions of NACCIMA : West, North and East.
The main objective of establishing the Youth Entrepreneurs is to create more youth entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities and impact positively in the socio-economic development and lives of Nigerian Youth and the nation as a whole.
The NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurs (NYE) focuses on the various youth development programmes which include skills for competence economic empowerment, good values, ethics and good conduct, youth participation and provisions of youth friendly services, and to accommodate new focus of youth developmental issues.
The NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurs (NYE) focuses on youth development issues which include; economic empowerment, environment, employment promotion, youth participation, Job creation, gender, arts and culture, Skills acquisition, Mentoring, Training, Seminars, Youth Summit, Conferences, Stakeholders round table discussions, Partnership, sports, Youth Development is a crosscutting issue, which requires multi-sectoral approach for effective implementation.

NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurs (NYE) will therefore depend on successful mainstreaming of the youth development issues in collaboration with Government, MDA’s, Legislature, Judiciary, development Partners, NGO’s, International Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and all other relevant stakeholders.

The overall goal of NACCIMA Youth Entrepreneurs policy is to achieve the vision and mission stated below:
“To empower and motivate the youth to enable them participate effectively in social, political and economic development of the society”.

“Create an enabling environment for youth empowerment and enhancement of employment opportunities and security.

-Objective of the Policy:
The overall objective is to empower, facilitate and guide youth and other stakeholders in the implementation of youth development issues and also to collaborate with Government at all levels, Development Partners, MDA’s, NGO’s, International Organization, Organized Private Sectors, and Civil Society Organizations amongst others to ensure sustainable youth development in Nigeria.

-Specific objectives:
The policy will accomplish the following specific objectives:

1. To facilitate youth to acquire skills and competence for employment.
2. To facilitate youths to accept responsibilities so as to be able to practice good values, ethics and good conduct.
3. To create conducive environment for youth participation in decision making process.
4. To enhance establishment and utilization of youth friendly social services.
5. To identify the potentiality of our youths and give them proper guidance and counseling so as to ensure a peaceful society and a vibrant and Entrepreneurial Nigeria.
6. To inculcate entrepreneurship spirit among Nigeria Youths so as to achieve national development.
7. To make Nigeria to be economic power house of Africa.
8. To utilize the tremendous opportunities across the States of the federation and ensure quick economic prosperity of the nation.
9. Promoting Nigeria Made products and assist the youths in packaging, processing and Marketing their products outside the country.
10. To secure markets for our locally made products over sea through participation in Trade Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Trade Fairs, Conferences & likes.-

NACIMMA Youth Oyo State

Our Executives

Samuel Oluwasegun Bolaji

Oyo State Coordinator

Christiana Olapade OJO